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Foam veneered wings, many cnc cut parts, moulded fuselage fairing and servo covers. Accessories including horns bowden cable pushrods and fittings, screws nuts and wing joining cloth.

The Solange is designed as a general purpose slope soarer  capable of flying well in light to medium weather conditions, as the radio equipment is mounted well forward  it has the capacity to be ballasted in the fuselage for higher winds. It has a distinctive look with swept back leading edge to the wings and a Vee tail.

Construction is of  box type fuselage with precut birch ply sides making it quick to build and rugged. The Solange has obechie veneer covered foam core wings and balsa Vee tail. You will require a 3 channel radio with 4 servos (Rudder / Elevator mixer) glues covering etc and basic modelling tools.

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Wing fairing