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North Downs Model Flying Club Kent

Thank you to the North Downs Model Flying Club for pictures of their e2k Wasps and a few notes below for any clubs considering a similar event.

We use the straight along the field with a reversal at each end track, which does focus the mind when your half a lap in front (or behind)
It seems more "hairy" than the IC racers that we are used to as there is not the same noise warning from the E wasps!!
We use 2200 3s lipos with a Turnigy 35/36 1250 kv motor, 40amp esc We allow free choice of lipo and esc.
These models have been speed gunned at around 90 mph!
We did have to allow a mod to the "one type formula" in order to sort out the C/G because we are using 3s instead of 4s so we let everyone use there own solution. I opted for a slighty longer nose some used motor cradles others used balsa rear top and bottom with a balsa fin, there are combinations of these!
We weighed the models prior to racing and the lightest was .995g the heaviest 1.2k all with battery's in . Most were around 1.05 The difference seems to be in choice of finish and balancing method as you would expect .